Chase the panic attacks away.


It’s official. He was cheating.

More self-love = stop thinking so much.

If I learnt anything from you and you, I realised sometimes, the more I think and speculate, the more I kill us.

Thinking is good. But when you don’t know how to strike the balance and stop when you’re suppose to, then that’s the end to happiness.

I can’t undo what has been done.
I can’t regret giving my heart and almost all to you.

For we did share the good times. And I really did like you, to an extend where I saw a future in us.

So I’m gonna leave us behind, together with the haunting regrets that overwhelm me sometimes.
I know I can.

I will be better than before.

Lipstick Jungle

‎”Listen to me. You’re not a loser. You are an extraordinary person. You are funny. You are scary smart, and intense and gorgeous. And larger than life. And you deserve to be loved because of those things. Not in spite of them.”

Starting over is very scary. It’s a huge risk. But it’s also a new beginning.

It’s officially over.
And I do feel oddly liberated.

Perhaps, you have someone else. Perhaps, you are just constantly afraid you can’t live up to my ‘expectations’.

But the answers to those questions, are no longer needed by me.

You taught me a whole lot about myself.
But it’s time to return you to where you belong.

“I love you. But I love me more”
–Sex and the City

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